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The link between an organization’s short-term liabilities and its short-term assets is Working Capital Management. The Working Capital Management ensures that the operations of the firm continue. The firm should also be able to satisfy its maturing debt and afford its operational expenses in future. Managing Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventories and Cash are part of the management of Working Capital. It represents liquidity, which determines the amount of cash that can be generated from a business in a short term. Assets which can be readily converted into cash are the measure of liquidity. A firm can only operate if it has sufficient funds. Positive Working Capital ensures that the firm can operate without the dearth of funds. Working Capital Management assignment help consists of detailed explanation of concepts involved. This brilliant assignment help is presented by the skilled teachers of Students Assignments.

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For short-term debts short-term decisions are made. The criteria for the formulation of decisions consists of Cash Conversion Cycle, Return on Capital and Credit Policy. Cash Management, Short-term Financing, Inventory Management and Debtors Management are some of the sub topics covered in Working Capital Management assignment help.

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