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Water Treatment Engineering is the study of water resources to meet the daily needs of society. It involves treatment, capture, abstraction and distribution of water from the sources. Water is a major component of agriculture and industry. Water engineers work in both public and private sectors. Dams and Reservoirs are built for storing and managing water. It is then distributed to homes after being treated at the treatment plants. It involves treatment of waste water and sludge. Water Treatment Engineering also involves study of methods of prevention of floods. Power is generated from dams. They also provide for storing of water and protecting from floods. Irrigation supports maintenance of land and growth of crops. The various types of irrigation are sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, surface irrigation and gravity fed irrigation. All this and much more are included in the outstanding Water Treatment Engineering homework help provided by the experts of Students Assignments.

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Gas Transfer, Air Stripping, Sedimentation, Flocculation, Filtration, Soft Water, Hard Water, Sludge Handling, Sludge Digestion, Reactor Tanks, Ion Exchange, Adsorption, Screening, Biological Reaction, Plug Flow, Quality Parameters, Distribution, Dispersed Flow, Nutrient Removal, Trickling Filters, Biological Contactors are some of the major sub topics of Water Treatment Engineering. All these sub topics are discussed in the Water Treatment Engineering assignment help provided by Students Assignments.

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