Transformer Assignment Help

Transformer Assignment Help

Transformer, it is a device that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and with that it transfers energy between more than two circuits It is an electrical device also helps in bring the high voltage to low(200 V to 12 V) or pushing low voltage to high (12 V to 200 V) depending on various physical parameters and is essentially used for transmission and distribution of AC power and also utilization of electrical energy.

Students Assignments puts and effort to elaborate the principle of working of a transformer in simple words. In transformer there is two windings knowing as primary winding and secondary winding. A varying current is introduced in primary winding and it creates a varying magnetic flux in the core. This varying magnetic flux then gets linked with secondary winding and thus a varying electromotive force or voltage is induced in it. Faraday’s Laws are even applied to construct transformers that can changes AC voltages from different levels to other different level within a power networks and have core property as high magnetic permeability.

Services offered by Students Assignments:-

  • Understanding and solving the applications of the principle of working of real transformer, ideal transformer and transforming them into real equivalent circuits along with the electronic components value calculation
  • Construction of transformers, its basic parameters and the effect of frequency on it.
  • Estimation and calculation of the losses incurred in the working of the transformers which is dominated by core losses such as hysteresis loss, eddy current loss, stray loss, mechanical vibrations and audible noise transmission. Along with these winding joule loss is also dominant in transformers.
  • Description of constriction of transformers along with details of all the parts.
  • The working parameters of the transformers such as Power capacity, duty of transformer, frequency range, circuit applications, power supply voltage class etc.
  • Details on the various types of transforms such as following:-
  • AutotransformerTransformer
  • Capacitor voltage transformer
  • Distribution transformer, power transformer
  • Phase angle regulating transformer:
  • Scott-T transformer:
  • Polyphase transformer:
  • Grounding transformer:
  • Leakage transformer
  • Resonant transformer
  • Audio transformer
  • Output transformer
  • Instrument transformer

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