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Swap is the flow of cash between two businesses. The profits depend on the exchange of financial instruments. The dates for the flow of cash are in the swap agreement. Profits are calculated based on the flow of cash. IBM and World Bank were the two organizations that entered into the first swap agreement and introduced the concept to the public. Swaps can also be based on some Futures Markets like Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Frankfurt-based Eurex AG, Chicago Board Options Exchange and Intercontinental Exchange. Floating Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange Rate, National Principal Amount, Interest Rate Risk and Arbitrage Arguments are some of the major topics under Swaps. They are described in detail in the Swaps assignment help provided by the skilled teachers of Students Assignments.

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Swaps are used as risk management techniques. They are mainly used to manage Interest Rate Risk and Currency Risk. The two most common types of Swaps are Interest Rate Swaps and Currency Swaps. Interest Rate Swaps, Commodity Swaps, Currency Swaps, Credit Default Swaps and Subordinate Risks Swaps are variations of Swaps. All these and much more are covered in the Swaps homework help offered by the expert professionals of Students Assignments.

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