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Surveying is a technique determining three dimensional positions of points. The distances and angles between the points are also measured. It is a science and a profession. Professionals practice Surveying for various engineering purposes. These points present on the surface of Earth are marked on land maps. Surveying includes principles and theories of Geometry, Physics, Engineering and Law. This information is used to determine other essential and complex factors like vectors, bearings, areas, volumes, plans, maps, elevations and co-ordinates. The time component is required for calculation of GPS and astronomic measurements. Distances are also measured using Surveying and this comes under the specification Land Surveying. The Surveying homework help provided by the experts of Students Assignments explains all the concepts of Surveying.

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As-built Surveying, Cadastral or Boundary Surveying, Control Surveying, Deformation Surveying, Dimensional Control Survey, Engineering Surveying, Foundation Survey, Levelling, Measured Survey, Hydro graphic Survey, Mining Surveying, Photographic Control Survey, Setout or Stakeout, Structural Survey and Topographic Surveying are the forms of Surveying. All these types are explained in the Surveying assignment help offered by Students Assignments.

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