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Remote sensing is the method of acquiring information about a phenomenon or object without actually coming in contact with it. This is the complete opposite of on-site observation. It is mostly accomplished through aerial sensors that detect objects using propagated signals like electromagnetic radiations. There are two types of Remote Sensing, active and passive. Active Remote Sensing transmits information as soon as it is obtained whereas Passive Remote Sensing just records the information. In the passive form the transmission takes place after a considerable amount of data has been gathered. Active sensing obtains the information through rays emitted from the satellite. On the other hand passive sensing collects naturally produced radiations. RADAR and LiDAR are examples of Active Remote Sensing. Examples of Passive Remote Sensing are photography, radiometers and infrared devices. All the concepts of Remote Sensing are discussed fully in the Remote Sensing homework help provided by Students Assignments.

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Some of the applications of Remote Sensing are aerial traffic control, generation of meteorological data, detection of wind speed and ocean currents and its direction. Radiometers, photometers and radar and laser altimeters are some of the devices that make use of Remote Sensing. The excellent Remote Sensing assignment help offered by Students Assignments covers details of these applications and devices.

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