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In cost accounting, process costing is a branch that is used mostly in manufacturing particularly in mass production to assign the cost for manufacturing for different processes involved in making the product. The cost per unit thus can be calculated by knowing the cost of production during each process or stage of the manufacturing cycle. It is used for the allocation of indirect costs after accumulating all the direct costs involved in the process of manufacturing. There is also a transfer of product costs involved between the cost of production and the cost of goods sold. Process costing is thus necessary to assign total costs to the individual units because though the products may be produced in large quantities but are usually sold in smaller quantities.

At Students Assignments we provide you an opportunity to learn the different methods of process costing while being able to encounter new ways of reducing cost of production using the methods utilized in process costing. The student will be able to learn how to do cost savings and will be able to do the accounting for the costs involved at each stage of production.

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