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Nano is the manipulation of atoms and molecules to create macroscale products. Quantum mechanics has effects on this scale. Nanotechnology can be studied under many branches of science like Semiconductor Physics, Molecular Biology, Microfabrication, Surface Science and Organic Chemistry. Nano is the engineering of functional systems. This is at the molecular scale. In the actual sense it is the ability to build structures from bottom up. This involves various tools and techniques to complete a high performance project. With the recent developments in this field it is possible to create all structures at a molecular level. Nano homework help provided by experts of Students Assignments contains in-depth study of this technology.

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The topics which are currently concerned with research on Nanotechnology are bottom up approach, functional approach, top down approach and biometric approach. Further, development of Nanotechnology will lead to a revolution in manufacturing. It will also have serious impacts on economy, society, environment and military. All the concepts of Nano including its effects are presented in the form of Nano assignment help.

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