Kirchhoffs Law Assignment Help

Kirchhoff’s Law Assignment Help

Kirchhoff’s Circuit Law is one the most basic laws taught in schools itself because of its wide application in electrical circuits.

In 1845, a German scientist, Gustav Kirchhoff developed the two sets of laws known as Kirchhoff Current Law(KCL) which is based on conservation of current flowing in a closed circuit, and the other one is Kirchhoff Voltage Law(KVL) which is based on conservation of energy i.e. voltage sources connected in a closed circuit.

  • Kirchhoff Current Law, (KCL) is also known as Kirchhoff’s first law, Kirchhoff’s junction rule (or nodal rule) or Kirchhoff’s point rule.
    On applying the principle of conservation of electric charge, according to which
  • The total currents flowing into a particular node (junction) is equivalent to the total current flowing out of it in an electrical circuit.

  • Kirchhoff Voltage Law, (KVL) also known as Kirchhoff’s second rule/law or Kirchhoff’s loop rule.

    On applying the principle of conservation of energy,around any closed network, the sum of the electrical potential differences (voltage) is zero.

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