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How JavaScript Assignment Help Is Essential For Your College Studies

Almost every website that we visit has JavaScript at the core of it. In 2019, it was ranked the most used programming language, for seven consecutive years. Almost 68% of the world’s web developers and 95% of all websites on the internet use JavaScript. The rise of JavaScript often draws an analogy with the rise of the Internet itself.

Having said that, let’s delve further into why JavaScript assignment help is the solution for all your worries.

What is JavaScript and When Was It Created?

Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is the third core language which helps develop websites. HTML and CSS help design the structure and style of websites, whereas JavaScript defines the behaviour and functionality. Help with JavaScript homework has now become increasingly essential since the language is now a mandatory subject for most technology-related courses.

It is basically a client-side language which executes itself inside your browsers when a web page is loading. It was in 1995 when a programmer called Brandan Eich developed Mocha in 10 days, which later came to be known as JavaScript.

Features of JavaScript

JavaScript homework answers are one of the most in-demand assistance sought by students at Students Assignments. There are a few reasons why the language is so popular.

  1. JavaScript borrows the structured programming structure like the if and switch statements from Java and C.
  2. Several alternatives to JavaScript have been developed over the years such as AngularJS, NodeJS and ReactJS, which serve different purposes. Some are used for front-end, while others are used for back-end purposes. Our JavaScript homework solutions include all of these in detail.
  3. Much like Python and Java, JavaScript is also object-oriented and is one of the reasons why help with JavaScript assignment becomes imperative in the long run.

What Areas in JavaScript Do We Excel In?

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Writing JavaScript code needs special competency, which cannot be taught within the boundaries of your classroom. Students find it especially challenging to translate ideas into working code. Our experts provide such accurate JavaScript homework help that you will be a proficient coder in no time.

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  • Who created JavaScript and when was it first coded?

Ans. In 1995 a programmer called Brandan Eich developed Mocha in 10 days, which later came to be known as JavaScript.

  • How much popularity did the language gain over the years?

Ans. Almost 68% of the world’s web developers and 95% of all websites on the internet use JavaScript at present.

  • What are some of the features of our assignment help?

Ans. Our assignment solutions are error and plagiarism-free, of high quality and solved by experts to be dispatched within the due date.