How Can Finance Help to Understand the Importance of Financial Freedom?

You all must have heard of the phrase “financial freedom is freedom from fear”! However, financial freedom does not free you from freedom from evident exam fear. You need to get your assignments done on time in order to score a decent grade in your semester.

So, what is the first thing that comes in your mind while doing your finance assignment at the last moment? Let me guess, it has to be something like- “help me with my finance project!”

If that is the situation you are facing right now then you are in serious need of some evident help. Financial freedom is not an easy subject to decode, just like the main branch from where it comes that is- Finance! However, finance plays a huge role in making the components of the subject somewhat countable for students to understand.

First of all let us see why is financial freedom so important as a subject?

Finance teaches one the meaning of financial literacy and in respect of doing that enables one to understand the importance of financial freedom as a subject. The question that an professor at the summit of UC Berkeley asked regarding this is that– why is the percentage of financial freedom still at a minimum in spite of so many accessible sources present?

Internet has enabled people to a lot of sources like mutual funds, annuities and insurance, but still ne has to ask for finance project help. Experts say that the main factor that plays an evident role in establishing a person a financially free is their own self-image.

The secondary root of the problem can be overcome by asking an expert to do my finance project but the primary cause needs immediate attention from reliable sources. It simply puts like your expenses should be in proportion to your net worth.

Now, talking about how does finance studies helpful in understanding the concept of financial freedom. Finance is known as the language of business and is engrossed with all the branched disciplines of this subject area. Hence, it has to have a clear solution of the limitations that a student might face while studying.

Finance studies not only defines the exact definition of what actually financial freedom means but also shows you the right direction to reach there and achieve that goal. It saves your entire time and energy in focusing on your goal and achieving that beforehand.

The dignitaries at Council for Higher Education Accreditation conclude that the most precious asset of your life is not money but it is actually the time that matters. Money is equivalent to time remember?You need to keep a record of even the littlest expense as a minute leak can sink the whole sea.

The qualified personalities at University of Cambridge – UK also emphasized on the point of what financial freedom is not. They busted the following myths about financial freedom-

  • Financial freedom does not always necessarily mean to make six or seven figures.
  • It does not mean to be rich or wealthy.
  • It does not mean to possess tons of money or high income.

The professional finance guides actually simplifies the concept of what it actually is with the help of finance. So, what actually does financial freedom mean according to them?

To simply put, financial freedom is basically having satisfactory residual or passive income that will practically cover the living expenses of a person. It basically enables you to enjoy your quality time in doing the things you want without worrying about the expenses or hampering your monetary stability.

It enables you to make the most of your ultimate luxury and that is actually dependent on your choice! Just making pools of money does not make you financial free to achieve the goals you have set to live a good life. Even if you do not make a lump sum amount of income, you can lead a decent life with all the things you have.

That is possible only if you successfully apply this simple formula into life-

According to the experts, you become financially free when your passive or residual income is greater than or equal to your living expenses. They also suggest two very simple was to reach the ultimate financial freedom goals that are-

  1. By increasing the residual or passive income.
  2. By decreasing the living expenses.

To summarize the two steps we need to understand what each of them actually means. If you ask what is passive income all about? Then the answer is that it is basically the income you earn from the work you have done. As for example, it can come from business, marketing paper assets etc.

Spending a huge expenses o the things you probable do not even need and then paying back the huge debts that has been the accumulated in the process is a fool’s choice. Do not be that fool and ask someone to help me with my finance project immediately. Only the expert finance knowledge can help you pull out of the difficulties facing while seeking financial freedom with no success.

In pursuit of accessing financial freedom, studying finance can be a game changer if applied evidently. Finance enables you to sort out the things you need to spend your money and expel the things that are just sucking your earnings unproductively. Hence, before even getting into the idea off financial freedom, asking someone to do my finance project would be a smart thing.

Do not waste your precious resources and time in searching for a medium that is unworthy of it all. Find a medium that will be beneficial to the core in providing finance project help with optimum support and assistance for whatever guidance you seek to achieve. The shortest way to achieve financial support is by simplifying your life and finance studies guides you certainly into it.

As the famous American businessman Robert Kiyosaki has nicely put- : “financial freedom is a mental, emotional and educational process”. It is true to the core and in order to achieve that vehemently, students need the help from finance.

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