Hospitality management homework help

Hospitality management homework help

The word hospitality is derived from a Latin name Hospes which stands for stranger or a guest. The term hospitality management is a process used in hotels and other sectors of the business that deals in hospitality industry to provide satiable services to the guests. There are various areas associated with the hospitality industry, and the need for them is increasing with time. Let us have a look on these segments:

  • Hotels: The hospitality is required in all fields related to a hotel. They provide accommodation services where guests stay when they are away from their home, while they are traveling or of various other reasons.
  • Restaurants: Similarly the restaurants are designed and built to provide food services to the guests coming there. Both the above mentioned branches of a hotel are based only on the hospitality service they provide and are ranked accordingly. Restaurants can be a part of a hotel, or it can be an independent unit.
  • Travel and Tourism: Like hotels, travel and tourism is a vast industry that provides hospitality services to the travelers while they are travelling from one place to another for business purposes, vacation etc. The travelers should be given the best possible services from providing eatables, to taking care of their comfort, to answering to their queries and help them feel comfortable on the journey.

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