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Geotech involves study of behavior of materials of the Earth. It is a branch of Civil Engineering but is also used in petroleum, mining, military and few other branches of engineering. It is also called Geotechnical Engineering. Any field related to construction within or above the ground requires knowledge of Geotech. It involves study of both soil mechanics and rock mechanics. Determining the chemical properties of these materials is necessary for construction and this is done through Geotechnical Engineering. A review of the project is done to determine what products will be needed to complete the assignment. After this is done all the required materials are tested according to the circumstances and surroundings. The work of a geotechnical engineer is to provide the design according to the foundation and materials used. Foundations are constructed for all huge constructions like multistoried buildings, bridges and similar structures. The concepts of Geotech are included in the excellent Geotech homework help provided by experts of Students Assignments.

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Embankments, Tunnels, Channels, Dikes, Levees, Reservoirs, Wharfs, Jetties, Oil Platforms, Sink Hole, Soil Liquefaction, Debris Flows, Earthquake, Rock Falls and Landslides are some of the terms related to Geotechnical Engineering. All the relevant sub topics and terms are included in the Geotech assignment help provided by Students Assignments.

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