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What is Geometry?

Geometry is a prime section of mathematics that focuses on the study of different types of measurement. This word Geometry is consisting of two different two different words as “Geo” means our earth and “Metron” means the perfect measurement. Thus, its complete meaning is “measurement of the earth”. The students get started with the measurement of lines and the different shapes. The various shapes and solids are measured by using some accurate formulas and theory based on it.

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What are the common terms in Geometry?

Some common, but important terms in geometry are as follows-

  • Platonic solids.
  • Lines and Segments.
  • Triangles and angles.
  • Coordinate grids.
  • Shapes and Solids.
  • Radians.

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What are basic points of geometry?

When you draw a shape, then two important parts that you need to be focused-

  • Co-ordinates.
  • Perfect measurement between the co-ordinates.

The above is very important as you just need to fix all co-ordinates or points, and then require measuring it. But, the use of geometry is increasing in the various fields as science, Mathematics, Engineering, architecture, space, astronomy, robotics, nature, surveys of lands and various other fields.

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