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Futures, is a contract between two parties regarding the trade of an asset. The contract states the amount and the time in future when the asset will actually be traded. Price of an asset, which is freely available, is determined through arbitrage arguments. Some of the futures available in plenty are Stock Index Futures, Futures on Physical Commodities and Treasury Bond Futures. The price fixed in the contract is the expected value at the future delivery date of the asset. Fluctuation in interest rates can affect the price of the asset in future. A fixed formula can be used to generate the future cost of the asset. Futures are used to lessen the chances of risk. Margin is the amount which is paid by both the parties for the futures contract to stay valid. Margins need to be maintained for the lifetime of the contract so that no party incurs losses when the contract ends. Margins, Arbitrage Arguments and much more are included in the Futures homework help offered by Students Assignments.

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Foreign Exchange Market, Money Market, Bond Market, Soft Commodities Market and Equity Market are some of the markets in which Futures contracts are made. All of the aforementioned markets and their concepts are also included in our Futures assignment help.

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