Five Forces Model Homework Help

Five Forces Model Homework

Many strategies have been suggested over the years for the growth of an organization. Likewise, in reaction to the famous SWOT analysis, Michael Porter of Harvard University introduced a five forces model for an organization to determine competition among the same. This framework was suitable for line of business industry level and not recommended for industrial sector level. Five forces model homework help provided by the student assignments is a great way that can help you understand the framework on the whole.

Let’s have a look on the nature of competition occurring in the company as suggested by Porter :

  • Threat of new entrants in an organization
  • Threat of potential substitute product/services
  • Bargaining power of the suppliers
  • Bargaining power of the buyers
  • Existing rivalry among the current competitors

All the above constituents that complete the framework are fully explained in the five forces model assignment help in a proper way.

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