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FEM also known as the finite element method is used by mathematicians to provide solution for partial differential equations. These equations are for boundary value problems and their output can only be an approximate value. This method divides the entire problem domain into small and finite parts. It solves the problem by minimizing associated error function through variational methods. FEM puts together simple equations from various domains to form these finite elements. The advantages of dividing the entire domain into several parts are accurate representation of complex geometry, inclusion of dissimilar material properties, capture of local effects and easy representation of total solution. The problem is divided into sub domains. Equations are generated and solved for each sub domain. All the solutions are combined to generate a single output. All this and much more is provided in the FEM homework help created by experts of Students Assignments.

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Stretched Grid Method, Finite Element Limit Analysis, Discontinuous Galerkein Methods, Meshfree Methods, Spectral Methods, Fiber Beam Method, S-FEM, XFEM, hpk-FEM, hp-FEM, Mixed Finite Element Method, Generalized Finite Element Method and AEM are some of the forms of FEM. All the aforementioned forms are discussed in the FEM assignment help provided by Students Assignments.

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