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Factor of Safety is also known as safety factor. It is the ability of the structure to support loads and pressure beyond the limit. It can be calculated based on many factors. However, detailed analysis cannot be done to calculate what the actual limit should be. On structures like bridges and buildings the actual test for load and pressure cannot be performed. Thus, Factor of Safety should be calculated so that it is approximately close to the actual value. Many structures are built more strongly so as to bear extra pressure and load. Factor of Safety can be calculated as the ratio of absolute strength to actual applied load. It measures the reliability of the structure. Students Assignments presents you with excellent Factor of Safety homework help, which explains the concepts of Factor of Safety through examples.

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When metal is used in a structure it needs to checked for both ultimate and yield strength. If it is not checked properly then the metal plastically deforms. Material Strength, Design Load, Margin of Safety, Failure Load, Reserve Factor, Proof Strength, Proof Load, Ultimate Strength and Ultimate Load are some of the important terms related to Factor of Safety. Factor of Safety assignment help is provided by the experts of Students Assignments.

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