Employee and Labor Relations Assignment Help

Employee And Labor Relations Assignment Help

The management of cordial relations between management and workers comes under the title of employee and labor relations. This is an important because if a worker has any complaints, suggestions or other problems related to the working in an organization, he can feel free to report it to the employee relations and labor relation manager. Any dispute can be nipped at the bud with this kind of environment in the company. The main focus is to maintain the satisfaction level of employees working in an organization by using methods of good communication, performance management, motivation, good leadership, etc.

There are many effective benefits of the employees and the labor relations:

  • Motivates employees to give better results
  • Removes all the faults and weakness of the company
  • Helps in improving the performance of the employees
  • Helps in achieving goals and objectives set by an organization
  • Has a positive effect on the profits of the company
  • All disputes can be solved in a peaceful manner
  • Employees give their 100% once they are satisfied with the working conditions

But there are some negative effects which can be seen if the association or the manager dealing with workers is affected by some factors such as :

  • Likability
  • Personal prejudices
  • Biased towards someone
  • Decisions manipulated for own benefits

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