Electric Power distribution assignment help

Electric Power distribution assignment help

The rate at which the electric circuits transfers electrical energy is known as Electric Power and the final stage in the delivery of electrical power is known as Electric Power Distribution. Students learning this stream are asked to prepare a project on the same which is not as easy as it may seem. This is why we, at Students Assignments offer the professional Electric Power Distribution homework help to the students, so that understand the subject well.

The bulk amount of transfer of electrical energy takes from power plants to electrical substations are known as electric power transmission. Hence the concepts of Electric Power distributions helps to study how electricity is carried from these electric power transmission systems to individual consumers.

With the development in many new techniques in Modern Distribution system came up with following characteristics.

In modern distribution system there is primary circuit which leaves the substation and reaches the customer’s meter socket. Designing the circuits may help in distribution to serve many customers. For shorter distance voltage used ranges from 2,300 to approximated 35,000 volts and it mainly depends on parameters like standard practice, load on the circuit and the distance. Three-Phase system is used in urban and suburban distribution to serve residential as well as commercial and industrial loads.

International Difference

Single phase of 220V or 230V is used in many areas of residential and light in residential services and the high voltage distribution networks of 230V is directly distributed from each substation. In three phase delta three phase services are most commonly used which has almost no distributed neutral wire and therefore makes it less expensive.

The parameters which our experts keep in consideration while preparing your Electric Power Distribution assignment help:

  • AC or DC – Mostly AC are used for public supply whereas large amount of DC power is consumed in railways (electric), various industrial process and telephone exchanges.
  • Nominal voltage, and tolerance
  • Frequency, commonly used is 50 or 60 Hz,.
  • Phase configuration which may be single-phase, two-phase and three-phase
  • Maximum demand (some energy providers measure as the largest mean power delivered within a 15 or 30 minute period during a billing period)
  • Load factor, which estimated the effective utilization of equipments
  • Power factor of connected load
  • Earthing systems
  • Prospective short circuit current

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