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An earthquake is the sudden release of Earth’s internal energy in the form of Seismic Waves. The Seismic Activity of an area can be known through the type, size and frequency of earthquakes. Seismometer is used to measure the intensity of the earthquake. Throughout the world, the magnitude of earthquakes is measured on the Richter Magnitude Scale. Moment Magnitude and Mercalli Scale are some of the other scales used to measure the intensity of Seismic Waves. Earthquakes are generally caused due to volcanic eruptions, landslides, nuclear tests and mine blasts. The point below the surface of the earth where the earthquake originates is known as Hypocenter or Focus. The same point on the surface of the earth is called Epicenter. The causes, occurrence, and factors affecting earthquakes are present in the Earthquake homework help provided by competent professionals of Students Assignments.

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The movement of tectonic plates below the surface of the Earth can also result in Earthquakes. Tsunami is triggered by underwater Earthquakes. Some of the regions where Earthquakes frequently occur are Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China and the Philippines. Earthquake assignment help, provided by the skilled team of Students Assignments, discusses the factors causing, and the elements affected by Earthquakes along with examples.

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