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What is E-commerce?

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is a method or way using computer network through which products and services are traded from one place to another. That place can be near or far, but goods reach the buyer. Some examples of e commerce could be:

  • Burberry store in London
  • Walmart app in U.S
  • Amazon website
  • Kiddicare app , etc

The basics of the e-commerce management learning –

  • It has wide approach to all segments of the society through email , Internet , newsletters etc.
  • It acts as a virtual mall for everyone with the availability of everything you desire to buy.
  • It provides catalogues and various features such as shopping list which makes your work easier.
  • Selling and buying has become effortless and uncomplicated between channels like business to business and business to consumer.
  • Demographic data usage through social sites and websites.

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Types of distribution channels of E-commerce

Our experts at students assignments explain the types of distribution channels of e-commerce in the modern era as below:

  • Pure clicks: The one which does not have any form of existing firms. The are companies who only work online.
  • Bricks and clicks: The companies or firms which created an online site while having existing firms to increase their sale and access to masses comes under this category.
  • Clicks to bricks: The online sites that built solid buildings or firms to supplement their sites are the ones made for this division.