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Basic Essay format

An essay is not just about presenting the point’s one after theanother. There is acertain format where learners have to follow and put their points according to that. A basic format has certain structure which is as follows:

1) Introduction

  • The opening should be as creative as possible to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Some information about the background.
  • Sneak peek of the main points.
  • Confirm about the main points.

2) Body

  • Paragraph 1
  • (a) It states the main idea of the paragraph.
    (b) The supporting details to strengthen the topic including facts and opinions.

  • Paragraph 2
  • (a) It also states the main idea and some evolution from the first paragraph.
    (b) Again the details to support the topic.

  • Paragraph 3
  • (a) The third paragraph contains the main idea and evolution from the second paragraph.
    (b) Supporting details to strengthen the topic.

3) Conclusion

a) The thesis statement should be restated.
b) Summary of the main points.
c) Finally, connect the opening at this point to end the essay.

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