Conflicts and negotiation homework help

Conflicts and negotiation homework help

Conflicts are often perceived as some negative force, but these are a part and parcel of the work environment in an organization. But conflicts are not always bad. For this, conflicts are categorized in two divisions –

  • 1. Functional conflicts
  • 2. Dysfunctional conflicts

Functional conflicts are positive in nature that maintain a healthy competition and helps in development of new innovative ideas and strategies, which in turn help in achieving goals and objectives of an organization. Dysfunctional conflicts on the other hand are destructive and should be solved as soon as possible.

There are many causes of conflicts that arise in an organization. Let’s have a brief look on them:

  • Limited or scarce availability of resources to be used
  • Unclear responsibilities and duties of a employee for a task or project
  • Difference in beliefs, perspectives, personality, status, power and values of employers in an organization
  • Improper communication among employers and employees
  • Dissimilarity in the goals

Borisoff and Victor gave Five A’s technique for conflict management which was a simple five steps process to solve a problem. These steps were :

  • Assessment
  • Acknowledgement8
  • Attitude
  • Action
  • Analysis

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