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Composite Materials also known as Composites are materials made by combining two or more materials. The materials can be of different physical and chemical properties. This new material can have properties different from what the original materials had. This method is preferred as the new material can be light, or strong or less expensive compared to the initial product. Cement, Concrete, Metal Composites and Ceramic Composites are some of the composites generally used in the various types of engineering. Most common artificial composite is concrete. It has a wide range of applications. It is more robust than cement and does not shatter even under very high pressure. Although if stretched, it quickly breaks as it does not have tensile strength. Therefore, iron rods are added to provide the tensile strength, thus making it Reinforced Concrete. High performance composites are Shape Memory Polymer Composites. Details of numerous forms of composites are included in the Composite Materials homework help provided by Students Assignments.

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Swimming Pool Panels, Race Car Bodies, Boat Hulls, Imitation Granite, Storage Tanks, Bathtubs, Shower Stalls, Buildings, Bridges, Counter Tops and Cultured Marble Sinks are some of the structures in which Composite Materials are used. Details of the various types of Composite Materials are included in the Composite Materials assignment help provided by the experts of Students Assignments.

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