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Compensation and benefits homework help

In any organization whether it is a small scale or large scale organization the compensation and benefits form an integral part as it motivates employees to perform well on the position they are hired. In other words the disciple and criteria of human resource that basically focuses on the policy making of compensation and benefits of the employees, which in turn helps in achieving goals and objectives of an organization as the satisfied workers will bring desired results through their performance. Compensation and benefits homework help provided by our experts at Student Assignments, categorize this disciple in four types. Let’s have a look on what are these divisions all about further down:

  • Guaranteed pay : It is the decided fixed basic salary that an employee gets in the end of every month
  • Variable pay : It includes all bonuses and incentives that are given on with basic salary depending on the performance and results which employee is bringing to the company
  • Benefits: It comprises of all the supplements used by employees for the compensation. Medical insurance, company’s car, paid time off etc are some examples of such benefits.
  • Equity based compensation: The compensation related to stock or pseudo stocks such as stock options where employer ties the long term compensation of the employee to the company’s success and growth by providing actual or perceived ownership to the employed.

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