Circuit Theory Current Assignment Help

Circuit Theory Current Assignment Help

Current flow or electricity energy is one of major source of all the advancement in technology but for the flow of current, Circuits act like a backbone. A closed loop giving a return path to the flow of current is known as Electrical circuits. Thus is very important to calculate the value of voltage across and current through all the electrical components used in any electrical circuit and this process is know and Circuit analysis. Many different complex techniques are applied to calculate these values along with the most popular assumption of taking the components of the circuit to be linear in nature hence also termed as Linear network Analysis.

Services Provided at Students Assignments:-

  • Analysis of different parameters of the circuit for all the components connected in the circuit at different nodes, branches and mesh.
  • Simplifying the electrical circuit by reducing the number of components and getting the equivalent circuits.
  • Solving impedances in series and in parallel, Delta-Wye-Transformation, Delta-to-Star Transformation, Star-to-Delta Transformation
  • Dealing and solving Voltage division of series components and current division of Parallel components and even the special case of current division of two parallel components.
  • Different methods and theories like Superposition theory, Node analysis, Mesh Analysis etc.
  • Calculation of Transfer function to estimate the stability of the circuit using the basic components like resistor, capacitor and inductor.
  • Dealing with the practical and real non-linear components of the electronic circuit which basically uses following methods:-
  • Boolean Analysis of switching circuits:-Basically uses Boolean algebra by assigning two states that is negative or positive to Boolean variables ‘0’ and ‘1’.
  • Separation of bias and signal analyses:- Here circuits are linear but the devices used are mostly non-linear.
  • Graphical method of dc analysis:- Mostly used when Dc bias is fed into non-linear components via resistors.
  • Small signal equivalent circuit:- Used where the curve of the transfer function could be approximated to be linear.
  • Piecewise linear method:- A method where non-linear devices are segmented into different regions.

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