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Business Valuation is determining the value of business for reasons like deciding partner ownerships, or for sale or divorce proceedings. Assets shown in the financial statements of the companies, exhibit the value of the firm. Comparable Company Analysis, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis and Precedent Transaction Analysis are the three ways in which any business can be evaluated. Direct Valuation Methods give an approximate value of the business whereas the Relative Valuation Method gives an estimated value of the firm with respect to another firm. Students Assignments has expert teachers who offer Business Valuation and Finance assignment help, which consists of both Direct Valuation Methods and Relative Valuation Methods explained in detail.

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Free Cash Flow to the Firm Model, Free Cash Flow to Equity Model, Adjusted Present Value Model, Real Option Analysis, Economic Value Analysis, Price-to-cash-flow Ratio, Price-to-Sales Ratio and Price-to-Book Ratio are some of the sub topics which are part of the Business Valuation and Finance homework help offered by Students Assignments.

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