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BJT stands for Bipolar Junction Transistor .It is a very useful device majorly used in automotive electronics. They are very preferred devices I severe environmental condition and these circuits are available in both the modes integrated and discrete.Bilpoar transistor can be combined with MOSFETs to create innovative circuits that take the advantage of the high-input impedance and low power functions .They are very useful in the factories and industries. Students Assignments has a great platform where we provide all the assistance and support to learners in all their BJT assignment help.

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  • Radio Frequency(RF)
  • Emitter, Base and Collector
  • EBJ(Emitter Base Junction)
  • CBJ(Collector Base Junction)
  • Cut Off and Saturation Mode
  • Minority Carriers
  • Ebers Moll(EM) Model
  • The Early Effect
  • Amplifier Gain
  • EOS(Edge of Saturation)

This list is not limited to these topics only and we get enquiries from other academic subjects with their underlying topics and sub topics also. We help the students in all their queries.

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