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Balancing of rotating masses even known as balancing of rotating bodies is used for avoiding vibrations that occur in heavy industrial machines. Now, machines like electric generators and gas turbines cause strong vibrations and these vibrations can lead to unbearable noise, catastrophic failure and discomfort too. Here, balancing of rotating masses is nothing but a mechanism that brings the center of gravity of the machines to the centre of rotation. However, to maintain complete balance the couple polygons and force produced should always be closed.

There are three types of balanced systems and they are Static Balance, Dynamic Balance and Unbalanced systems. Static balance is a form of balance which occurs when the center of gravity of the device remains at its axis of rotation, Dynamic balance happens when the rotation produced from the device does not give out any resultant centrifugal force and unbalanced systems takes place when torsional forces are formed which remain perpendicular to the axis of rotation.

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