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Mathematics is one of the difficult subjects that is faced by themajority of the students and when it comes to submission of maths assignments that too within thedeadline, things become more serious if the learners don’t possess the basic concept. Mathematics is a subject that cannot be solved just by following the resources. In fact, it needs to develop analytical knowledge to solve the problem and get the exact solution.

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The world of numbers

Mathematics is especially known for its wide areas that it covers, right from Algebra to Arithmetic, from trigonometry to Geometry, from Algebra to calculus. All the rules are different from one another, so the learners need to build strong concept against each topic to solve all the Mathematics problems at ease. But sometimes when the learners need to submit the assignments within deadline they keep on shuffling various books to deal with those tricky formulas because their logic is not clear.

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Areas covered in mathematics

1) Calculus

  • Advanced form of mathematics.
  • Mainly deals with limits, derivatives, integrals and infinite series.
  • Takes the properties of Trigonometry and algebra.
  • Further classified into differential calculus and integral calculus.

2) Geometry

  • Simply deals with areas, lengths and volumes.
  • Further classified into plane geometry and solid geometry.
  • Solid geometry deals with three-dimensional figures like sphere, cuboid, prisms etc.
  • Plane geometry deals with two-dimensional figures like a square, circles, rectangle etc.

3) Trigonometry

  • Mainly deal with triangles, right triangles and its properties.
  • Analysis of trigonometric functions and how to calculate this functions.
  • Advanced form of mathematics.

4) Algebra

  • Study of different algebraic equations.
  • It is combination of letters and numbers.

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